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Resort Home in Half Moon Bay, CA
Villa in Tuscany, Italy
Ocean Estate in Sardinia, Italy
Mountain Chalet in Durango, CO

Why Work with Bradley Hayden PhD?

Luxury properties require a unique touch and perspective; Bradley Hayden, Ph. D. prides himself on being an expert within the global luxury marketplace. “I look at every property as a unique canvas,” say Dr. Hayden. As the industry evolves, the only consistently is change; only with constant adaptation and reinvention has Bradley Hayden Estates (BHE) maintained a consistent position as an agent-to-know within the global luxury marketplace. Bradley Hayden Estates (BHE) is not a single individual. Strength in teamwork comes in working with top professionals in every area of Real Estate: finance, construction, marketing and technology. BHE’s team of professionals is proactive, and, as the industry adapts to changes in every aspect of the sales process, BHE’s team of professionals brings that knowledge to clients before it becomes mainstream. Our process differs in that we provide a highly intelligent research, quantitative methodology using advanced proprietary technology, in-depth analysis that focuses on the essential characteristics of each property— i.e., history, architecture, construction, financial trending, psychological and spatial nuances, such as Feng Shui/ Vastu Shastra, and any other relevant aspect affecting presentation and sales. Each property represents a unique business opportunity to profile for our network of qualified potential buyers. Whereas other brokers simply post listings on the MLS, make slick brochures and wait for buyers to materialize—that simply is not our way. BHE combine science with art to reinvent the way real estate is sold

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