About Dr. Hayden

The marketing of luxury properties requires a sophisticated selling strategy and a network of the right contacts and connections. Bradley Hayden, Ph. D. is an expert in international business, having spent years living in Switzerland in Europe working in international pharmaceutical development and marketing. As a real estate agent, he brings the same problem-solving skills to selling luxury properties in the international market place.

“I want to bring substance and not just ‘sizzle’ when marketing luxury listings,” Dr. Hayden says. “Each property is a unique and exactly what makes it extraordinary needs to be communicated to potential buyers effectively and efficiently.”

Properties sell for three reasons:
1. Price
2. Location
3. Value

“My unique team approach to selling luxury estates is in-depth, refined and engages each aspect in meaningful and effective ways,” says Dr. Hayden:

1. Price
We strongly recommend having the property appraised by a professional appraiser familiar with the local luxury in order to establish an objective baseline regarding price.

2. Location
We research and profile potential buyers for the specific location based on in-depth market research and out proprietary list of contacts. For the luxury market doing so requires extensive regional and international marketing. We use multiple specialty marketing agencies to ensure that we not only is the property seen by as many potential buyers as possible, but also that those buyers are qualified and are the right buyers.

3. Value
Our vetting process involves a highly intelligent research, quantitative methodology using in-depth property and market analyses that focus on the essential characteristics of each property:
· History
· Architecture & Design
· Construction
· Financial Analytics
· Psychological and Spatial Nuances (Feng Shui/ Vastu Shastra, and other humanistic aspects affecting presentation and potential sale).

Finally, we sell each listing using cutting-edge technologies combined with Project Management experience and tools to ensure superior communication in electronic and print publications, timelines/milestones, budget, and protocols leading to the sale.

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